Today, the level of development of a society is closely related to the qualifications of the higher education system. The history of the Faculty of Nursing, which has the privilege of being located in the vicinity of the Near East University, which is a most distinguished and developed higher education institution that offers a high level of educational facilities and has an effective international identity with its qualified teaching staff and students coming from over 120 countries, is based on a long history. The school has the characteristic of being the first educational institution providing nursing education at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level in TRNC. Our school, which was formerly a member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, was established as a Faculty of Nursing in 2018 and became the first Nursing Faculty of the TRNC.

The Near East University Faculty of Nursing is a privilaged institution that has gained scientific understanding and is able to transform knowledge into a professional level; educate nurses to gain knowledge and skills to use comprehensive hardware and provide modern nursing services in health institutions in Turkey and third countries; In the field of nursing, create a human power with sufficient qualification to conduct research and examination in the scientific framework, and aims to train nurses who have the knowledge and sense of care, developing and upgrading community health and who will work in the fields required by the various health institutions and organizations in the country.

The mission of the institution is to protect, develop and maintain the health of the individual family and the community; developing and conducting basic nursing education and services using contemporary approaches and methods based on science and technology, developing care, education, research, management, consulting and leadership roles. The vision of the faculty is to continue to become a leading nursing education institution that is recognized and preferred at national and international level by students, lecturers, educational programs and researches.

One of the most important criteria of the quality of a university is providing qualified undergraduate and graduate education. Since the establishment of our school, we have continued our quality nursing education and have contributed significantly to meet the needs of the nurse labor force in the country. The post-graduate education forms the basis for research and information production in the training of new faculty members. In this context, the Near East University Faculty of Nursing pioneered graduate and doctoral education in the TRNC. Our faculty has started doctoral programs in nursing in 2008 and master’s degree in nursing in 2007 within the framework of the Institute of Health Sciences. The Near East University Faculty of Nursing serves internationally and currently has foreign students from various countries such as Nigeria, Palestine, etc. at the level of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

Our faculty is capable of conducting educational activities in advanced standards. Our school has well-equipped laboratories where students and nursing students can perform nursing applications. Students have the opportunity to conduct clinical applications in accordance with their courses at the Near East University Hospital, which is honored with many internationally prestigious awards and equipped with advanced technology in accordance with international standards and requirements.

The development of societies is regarded in direct proportion to the information and technology it can produce. The higher education institutions, in particular universities, are not only education centres but also fields where scientific research is carried out, knowledge is produced. The research areas of the Near East University Faculty of Nursing focus on the protection of healthy individuals and the treatment and development of rehabilitation services for the patients. In our school, education, projects and research activities are carried out in the fields of basic principles and practices in nursing, internal diseases, surgical diseases, child health and diseases, mental health and diseases, public health, women’s health and diseases. Near East University Faculty of Nursing have carried out numerous national / international scientific projects, wrote books and articles, and received international citation. Faculty members serve as arbitrators / editors in national / international periodicals and actively work in professional organizations.

Today, when science and technology develop at a dizzying pace, we believe that our faculty will continue to develop and improve their qualitative work in the fields of education and research…

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Ümran Dal YILMAZ
Dean of Faculty of Nursing